The Warsaw Ghetto (Getto Warszawskie)

In 1940 the Nazis established a ghetto in Central Warsaw. 30% of the population of Warsaw was forced to live in an area the size of 2.5% of Warsaw. In 1943, after suppressing the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Nazis systematically destroyed the Ghetto. There is not much left of the Ghetto Wall. There are remnants in ul. Sienna 53, ul. Złota 62 and ul. Waliców. In some cases it seems to be doubtful, if a particular wall actually is a remnant of the Ghetto Wall. The installation Footbridge of Memory echoes the wooden footbridge over ul. Chłodna, which used to connect the small part and the large part of the Ghetto. At Umschlagplatz Jews were gathered to be transported to the Treblinka extermination camp. Roughly 300,000 Jews died in the gas chambers. The Warsaw Ghetto Heroes Memorial commemorates the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. To make the area of the Ghetto tangible, there are 22 markers of the boundary of the Warsaw Ghetto in places where the Ghetto Wall used to run.